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Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Company Limited
Industry Manufacturing & Warehousing
Type Direct Employer
Employees 51-100
About Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Company Limited

About us

Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Company Limited is a young business establishment since 2006. Today the group is an investment holding company pursuing diversified spheres of business – Agricultural, Energy & Power, Construction & Engineering, Manufacturing & Trading, Property Development and Health Care Service. Over a decade in Myanmar, Ayeyar Hinthar has shown dynamic growth with an impressive track record. We are devoted to the advancement and continuity of our business traditions and success.

We're active in the following domains:
•    Manufacturing and Trading
•    Property Development, Engineering & Construction
•    Energy & Power
•    Strategic Investment
•    Service
•    Agriculture
•    Health care service

Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Company Limited is committed in adhering to its corporate philosophy of delivering quality products and services to its valuable customers, building trust and long-term relationships with its business partners and striving to create the best working environments possible for its employees. The success of our business throughout the years has been our consistent commitment in delivering excellence across all our business in trading, real estate development, construction, and health care.

Over the years of establishment, we are working earnestly to create strong culture within our organization and cultivate our own identity by having definitive vision of the future, shaping our values, practicing those values in reality, and narrating people of our own unique history that make us who we are.

Here is what we have built up so far:

•    The most important resource of our company is its human resources. So we try our best to make this place dynamic and challenging place for our employees to develop themselves for a better future.
•    We are highly in favor of gender equality. Competency and personality are among the most important factors that are taken account in promoting people to higher levels in our organization.
•    We like good honest hardworking people. We appreciate their undivided attention to every detail of work and the passion to achieve perfection in their jobs.
•    We like to help people in distress. If anyone has personal problems like illness, trouble in their jobs and unfortunate family matters, we help them out.
•    We are ambitious, aggressive in advancing to another step and highly competitive in professional way. Our teams are made up of such people and we would like to recruit more people of such kind.
•    We do not believe in management autocracy or hierarchical bureaucracy. Everyone is encouraged to voice outhis or her opinions, and we listen to each other. Good ideas are always warmly appreciated.
•    We are quite patriotic. In this era of economic and political development in our country, we are trying our best to play a big part of that phenomenal transformation process and contribute with our humble effort to create opportunities for our fellow countrymen.

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