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Bacchanal Trading Co.,Ltd
Industry Entertainment, Events & Sport
Type Direct Employer
Employees 101-200
About Bacchanal Trading Co.,Ltd

Bacchanal Trading Co., Ltd. started the business in Myanmar since 2012 by trading the high quality products and famous brands from Thailand by following NatureGift Brand, Leopard Medical Brand and Nammun Muay Brand.

NatureGift Brand who is No. 1 for Sliming Coffee in Thailand with the high of technology of producing, raw material and good taste. Moreover the way to advertisement that makes for the real result of the customers. NatureGift Brand also has the products that provide for the customers that don't like the coffee such as Ginger Flavor, Malt Vita Flavor, and newest products like Sliming Juice under the name is "Burna 1000" that has Orange and Lemon flavors.

Leopard Medical Brand who is stayed in the Medicine Market about 66 years in Thailand with the well known products like "Coughing Mixture" that is the top of mind of Thai people. With the high technology, GMP (PIC/S), to guarantee about the clean method to produce the high quality of medicines. Leopard Medical Brand has many kinds of medicines such as Anti Septic (LeoPovidone that made from the Povidone Iodine from United State), Calamine, Cough Groups, Alcohol Alsoff, Alcohol Alsoff Gel, etc.

Nammun Muay Brand who is well known for a long time especially in Athletes' group with the products that can make the muscle feel relax before and after exercise. With high quality of producing, raw material, and smell that has their own identity. It's difficult to have the competitors in the Markets. They have about 4 kinds of the products following by Liniment, Cream, Spray, and Salty.

Thus, we would like to invite the persons that have the same qualifications from the positions below to be our partner. We would like to have the strong team to fight together and taste the successful together.

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