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Digital Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd
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About Digital Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd

17 years of determination to develop the best innovative mobile internet solutions
Our group of companies has 17 years of experience and knowledge providing SMS Solutions including, SMS Marketing, SMS CRM, and SMS Operation. We are accepted and trusted by more than 500 leading organizations such as financial institutions, cosmetics and beauty companies, and hospitals, among others.

We started our business in 2000 by a highly-experienced software engineering team specializing in developing solutions for various large organizations, mainly focusing on communication innovation via mobile phones. We have now expanded to Myanmar to provide our same renowned solutions. Our experience has allowed Digital Integrated Marketing Co. Ltd. to become a skillful SMS and mobile solutions provider with highly efficient tools to create good relationships, customer loyalty, and long-term value to organizations.”

One Stop Service : We are leader of SMS , 2Ways SMS , USSD , DATABASE
Why Digital Integrated Marketing
- Complete solutions for all business segments.
- Professional team for consulting and implementation
- Easy to use, fast, flexible, secure, and stable solution
- Continuous development.
We are searching for those who dare to make a difference – in the way they act, collaborate, lead and grow with company.

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