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Golden Environmental Construction and Development Co., Ltd
Industry Construction
Type Direct Employer
Employees 201-500
About Golden Environmental Construction and Development Co., Ltd


We aim to be the Leading Building Developer of Choice that consistently achieves Excellence.



We are committed to deliver Quality Products, Services and Value to our Customers with passion and professionalism.

We aim to provide a platform for our staff to develop their potential and to excel within the organisation.   


Growth It's our belief that every new experience, good or bad, teaches us something which leads to personal and professional growth. You can only continuously learn when you're willing to continually try, no matter the outcome.

Economical use of the resources available to us is important. This consciousness determines the way we act. For us, efficiency means economic and operational efficiency. Within this context, both our technical solutions and internal processes must be continuously optimised. The efficiency of our processes and the efficient use of our manpower and know-how also secure the growing success of our group of companies.  

Commitment We value making and keeping commitments to ourselves and others as key to personal and professional success. At Golden
Environmental Construction and Development Co. Ltd, we believe that commitment is also an essential ingredient to personal and professional success. Commitment is about being willing to do everything necessary to reach an outcome that is in alignment with our purpose. Being committed means being willing to act in spite of fear. It means being willing to do what is hard. It means knowing that each of us alone can choose to succeed in spite of any barriers that may be put in our way. Being committed means that we never give up,

We want to support our team in cultivating this kind of commitment so they experience themselves as the kind of people for whom their
word is the truth. That whatever they say is so will become so, and that or whatever they commit to is as good as done.

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