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Hercules Logistics <Expired>
Industry Mining, Energy & Metals
Type Recruitment Agency
Employees 5-10
About Hercules Logistics <Expired>

Hercules Logistics Co., Ltd is a transportation company, with principal office located in Mandalay, Myanmar. The old way and practice of trucking industry in Myanmar is the cargo owners have to take the responsibilities for sending the goods to the truck gates, without the exact or required time were not usual to be definitely said. Majority of the transportation business were managed in away of traditional practices and the ones with systematic transportation management were seldom found. Hercules Logistics Co., Ltd is mainly focus not only in transporting goods but also in detailed support works of the whole physical distribution process including; warehousing & inventory management.

Our VISION is to develop as best logistic services provider in Myanmar, offering a high quality of services. We would like to provide reliable guarantee services, timely departure & arrival, competitive price, with safety and security of vehicles and cargos, and skillful operations with well-trained staffs. Furthermore, with the support of experts who understood the importance of logistics, Hercules Logistics able to established as premium quality management in Myanmar. Hercules Logistics has offices in Yangon and Muse.

Hercules Logistics believe that flexibility and technology are keys to the success in providing our customers with a global service offering. We are focused on working and motivated people with the services that maximize return-on-investment within the supply chain, to be an organization that retains highly qualified personnel, provides for their career development, and establishes programs that provide a high degree of personal and family economic security, to keep ownership and control of our company in the hands of its employees.

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