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Industry Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry
Type Direct Employer
Employees 11-25
About ICEM

ICEM – International Centre for Environmental Management is an award-winning independent technical service centre that assists government, private sector and communities to define and implement policies for sustainable development. Established in 1999, ICEM is staffed by full-time international and national technical and administrative personnel and operates through a core of specialists in climate change, biodiversity conservation, water resources management, strategic environmental assessment, disaster risk reduction and environmental and social economics.

At ICEM our goal is to ensure ecologically sustainable development – development that improves the total quality of life, both now and in the future, in a way that maintains the ecological processes on which life depends. Ecological sustainable development involves:

  • Protecting and enhancing biological diversity and maintaining essential ecological processes;
  • Recognising the ecological and biodiversity implications of climate change;
  • Ensuring that environmental and natural system assets are properly valued;
  • Integrating environmental with economic goals in all policies and activities;
  • Providing for equity within and between generations;
  • Dealing cautiously with risk and irreversibility; and
  • Encouraging changes in the nature of production and consumption so that we can better satisfy human needs while using fewer raw materials and producing less waste.

The key to ICEM’s work lies in promoting structures, tools and mechanisms for integrating environmental quality and ecological considerations with development decision-making.

Head Quarters ICEM – International Centre for Environmental Management | Hanoi | Melbourne | Yangon | Hong Kong | Singapore | Vientiane | Phnom Penh
Founded 1999
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