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Integrated Petroleum Service & Construction
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About Integrated Petroleum Service & Construction


In  1989, Integrated  Marketing   Limited (IML) was  incorporated.  When  IML  managed to secure  the PSC contract  (Block M13 and  M14) for Premier  Oil, the Board  of Directors had decided  to open  a branch office to provide  services  in Oil  industry.  In 1992, the  branch office was  diversified  into  Integrated  Petroleum  Services  & Consultancies Ltd. (IPSC)  with new recruit management. Since then IPSC is providing  services in Oil and  Gas  Industry.

Apart from Oil and Gas  related  companies, IPSC has  supported agency and  representative services to Canadian Helicopters  Ltd. (CHL) during  its aviation operations in Myanmar  from 1991 to  July, 2008.
Currently,  we are  on  the  service  to  HEVILIFT  Ltd which  is providing aviation  transportation service to PCML, TEPM, PTTEP for their operations in Myanmar.


Delivering clients’ requirement by providing  quality services in a safe,  reliable,  efficient and cost effective manner.


Standing  as the trusted service provider  and  providing  quality services in the services sector of the oil & gas  industry in Myanmar.

   Logistics Services,

   Vessel Clearance Services,

   Agency and  Representative  Services,

   Marine and  Aviation Logistics support  services,

   Human  Resources Management and  Manpower Provisions

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