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Mahar Loka Co.,Ltd
Industry Retail, Fashion & FMCG
Type Direct Employer
Employees 101-200
About Mahar Loka Co.,Ltd

Company Vision and Mission


Moving forward :

As we are the one never stop thinking about doing new things related to our industry, our future business plan is not only to aim at profit, but also launching more effective pharmaceuticals imported from the manufacturers that prioritize their reputation.

Driving Ethic & Strategy :

Since we have become one of the main distributors of devices, drugs and supplements we never fail to comply with our company’s ethic & strategy that reinforce our achievements. Due to the mutual relationship between them, we always strive to balance our operation on that platform to keep our successful business perpetually.

Holding sustainable Success & Trust

As per our business goal to become the first leading supplier company in pharmaceutical industry in the near future, we understand that it is necessary to hold our sustainable achievement and trust of customer.

With the purpose of reaching our vision, we have already determined to run our operation through more effective market strategy carried out by well trained marketing team.


Support of PHC :

In order to fulfill a main purpose of helping our people to enjoy a healthy life, we provide the service as one of the main distributors of cost effective and premier quality medical devices, drugs and supplements on the other hand, we are providing the job opportunity to the young people who are very energetic and aggressive to perform the duty in compliance with the ethic and strategy set up by Mahar Loka.

What we do

We distribute the medical devices such as: Blood Pressure Monitors, Gluco Meters, Nebulizers, Oxi Meters and other essential portable medical devices for personal use. We also supply our cost effective and reliable devices to the government hospital through tendering process.

We have been granted the tender awards, since we started our operation, thus we are satisfied for the service that support the medical personals who need the test result in high accuracy. Because of our ethic, we are providing the service beyond the customer demand

As we distribute our devices under certain period of warranty, we never fail to fulfill any complaints from the customers in compliance with warranty.

Another service we provide is distribution of drugs and various types of supplement through wholesale and retail sales. In addition, we distribute the baby products in a bid to comfort the parents who have concern over their kids.

Currently, we are running our industry with the reinforcement of certain man power by setting up the branch offices in the big cities respectively.

Why you should join us

Taking time for everything may lead to missing a chance. To share the prosperity together you 

are wanted to join us right away.

Our workplace and culture

From a strong strategy to a great achievement is our goal to develop our society moving toward. 

With the purpose of holding our culture, the work place is fulfilled by hard working as well as 

cooperation without any delayed process.

Head Quarters Yangon
Founded 2010
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