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MCS (Myanmar Conveniences Store Co.,Ltd)
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About MCS (Myanmar Conveniences Store Co.,Ltd)

About Company

    MCS Co., Ltd is founded in 2010 to develop convenience store chain in Myanmar

    First Outlet opened in April 2011 on Hledan Road, Kamayut Township

    One of the fasting growing  CVS/minimart chains in Myanmar

    Open 24-Hours Conveniences Store

    We offered Franchise Business. What we are looking for

    To be the leading convenience store chain in Myanmar

    To Fulfill the customers and patient  needs  of emergency use and snacks with quality products at      reasonable price

     To emphasize on quick and convenient shopping – also serving round-the-clock for more access and convenience

      To attract the traveler with good service and very premium look

      Customer-service oriented culture

      Up-to-standard hygiene

       24 hrs conveniences


       Quality experience


       Otherin-store services ( Eg . Top up card .., iflix)

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