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Min Zar Ni Group of Companies
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About Min Zar Ni Group of Companies

Min Zar Ni Co.,Ltd was established on 5 March 1993.There are five enterprises running under Min Zar Ni Co.,Ltd’s authority namely Fishery, Logistics,Trading,Auto Service and Hotel & Resturant.Our Company is an enterprise in new generation dedicated to top quality, service and utmost reliability in purchasing, processing and marketing of fishery commodities. With several years of experiences and professional expertise, we are ready to respond any customer’s needs in ever increasing competitive international fishery businesses, Logistics businesses, Trading businesses, Auto Service businesses and Hotel & Resturant businesses. To maintain our outstanding prestige and high standards, Min Zar Ni has established a network of industry complex and wide range of infrastructures equipped with "State of the Art" technology matching global top enterprises. We aspire to produce fresh, good quality and safe goods for consumers by distributing and storing in accordance with the HACCP and GMP.

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