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Mote Poh
Direct Employer
Advertising, Media & Communications

Mote Poh

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About Mote Poh

Mote Poh (Pocket Money) provides employee benefits for companies in Myanmar and customer loyalty programs for some of the big brands. Our Employee Benefits program includes nationwide discounts where employees can get exclusive discounts at restaurants, spas, gyms, and other activities. We also offer Salary Advance via our app. Employees can request Salary Advance from their phone and money is transferred to their preferred mobile banking or wallet. Employees can request Salary Advance for days they have already worked and the company reimburses Mote Poh at the end of the month. On top of the discount and salary advance, we also offer Telemedicine and Medical Cover. With Telemedicine, employees and their family members can talk to doctors online anytime, wherever they are, with the option of getting medical certificates if the employee needs to take leave. Medical Cover gives unlimited consultations with doctors at local high-end easy health clinics for free and gets discounts on medications and procedures.

With our nationwide discount program, we work with mobile money companies, internet service providers, and telcos to design customer loyalty programs for the brands where their normal or premium users can enjoy all these great and exclusive benefits. We are a young startup and we have been around for about 2 years now. We are a local team lead by our American Founder. 

Advertising, Media & Communications
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