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New Golden Gate Co.,Ltd <Expired>
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About New Golden Gate Co.,Ltd <Expired>

The family business was first established as "Khit Thit" local wholesale agent in 1968,handling Onion,Chilli,Tamarind Finger,Mustard Seeds,Green Mung Beans and Black Eyed Beans. After the government has adopted an open market policy,with an aim to export agriculture products internationally, New Golden Gate (1991) Co.,Ltd was incorporated in 1991.

Our main business activity includes trading,processing and distributing agriculture products locally and internationally. Through the years,we have achieved a relevant export market share and gained good reputation in the international markets. Our principle is to serve customers with 3Rs: Right product,Reasonable price and Reliable service. To provide top quality products at a desirable price for our international customers, we have developed an extensive network of reliable suppliers all across the country and apply a rigorous quality of standard. With the continuous advancement in technology in the field of
agriculture processing machines, we allocate a considerable amount of investment in machines each year to obtain better quality products. Through well-trained employees, we are able to meet individual customer's specification in terms of quality,timing,packing,pricing and quantity.

All of our processing facilities are strategically located in the industrial zone, not far from Yangon city main port. We offer a variety of Pulses and Beans(both whole and huskless split),Sesame Seeds,Roasted Sesame Powder,Onion,Tamarind,Jaggery Powder,Yellow Maize and also distribute Animal Feeds,Tapioca Powder,Wheat Grain,Acrylic Yarn,Sunflower Oil and O.K brands mop for industrial use in the local market. Our customers are major manufacturers,large distributors and small businesses in Myanmar and from all over the world,including Australia,United State of America,Europe Countries, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China,Hong Kong,India,Middle East and South East Asia Countries.

The company was recognized the most value added honored exporter award in 2013 and most value added special exporter award in 2014 for its good business and social activities by the President.

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