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Job Summary

Assist the administrative housekeeper of the housekeeping department to handle the daily affairs of the guest room in accordance with the requirements of the hotel.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description/Requirements

Job Responsibilities

1. Business operations

1) Assist the administrative steward to train new employees.

2) Arrange daily training for all employees.

3) Participate in the meeting of the housekeeping department, report the work plan and progress to the superior, convey the superior's instructions to the subordinate, and direct the completion of the work.

4) Formulate rules and regulations and cleaning procedures for this department.

5) Supervise the work behaviors of the foremen and their employees, coordinate the work of the foremen, and guide the foremen to solve problems.

6) Reasonably arrange shifts, assign work, and make suggestions on personnel issues such as staff deployment, promotion, demotion, rewards, and sanctions.

7) Check 100% of VIP rooms, and check 3-5 rooms on each floor every day.

8) Plan and complete the general cleaning and periodic sanitation of the room, and continuously improve and raise the cleaning standard and service level of the room.

9) Supervise the consumption of room supplies and cleaning supplies to reduce room costs.

10) Handle complaints from residents and opinions from employees.

11) Check the fire and safety work on the floor.

12) Night shift spot check turn-down work, service standards.

13) Visit your work area and record special situations.

14) Stay at work in case of emergency.

15) Understand the hotel policy.

16) Familiar with hotel fire alarms and emergency procedures, and handle them strictly in accordance with the procedures.

2. Safety management

1) Strictly implement the ward round procedures.

2) Master guest accommodation information, understand guest dynamics and help guests solve their needs in a timely manner (solvable).

3) Strictly manage room keys and standardize operations.

4) Strictly implement the confidentiality system of guest information, and shall not leak without the permission of the guest.

5) Timely feedback guest information to relevant hotel departments, and do a good job in hotel reception.

6) Deal with all kinds of complaints from customers in a timely manner.

7) Assist department leaders to do a good job in material management of departments and positions.

8) Do a good job in fire prevention and theft prevention of posts and remind guests in time.

3. Meeting

1) Participate in relevant meetings on time according to the requirements of the department and hotel, do a good job of uploading and distributing the contents of the meetings, organize the morning meeting of the department every day, and organize and arrange the relevant work of the department.

2) When returning to the hotel from vacation and going out, take the initiative to learn about relevant meeting information.

3) Conscientiously fulfill relevant meeting requirements.

4. Personnel and training

1) Strictly implement various rules and regulations of hotels and departments.

2) Actively participate in department and hotel related training, and do a good job in department staff's business skills and hotel related training work, so as to improve the department staff's business skills and improve service quality.

5. public relationship

1) Greet every guest actively and enthusiastically.

2) Maintain a professional, friendly personal and hotel image.

3) Deliver customer opinions, suggestions and complaints in a timely manner, and do our best to assist customers. Report the progress of the work in a timely manner.

4) Provide customers with high-level service skills to ensure service quality.

5) Never have disputes with guests (report to superiors in time when guests make requests that exceed hotel services).

6) Welcome, send off guests and thank them for coming.

6. other

1) Be ready to accept and complete tasks temporarily assigned by superiors at any time.

Accept all the systematic operating procedures and policies implemented and changed by the management.


l  Responsible for the assessment and evaluation of the work performance of the foreman and employees, and make suggestions on personnel issues such as staff deployment, promotion, demotion, rewards, and punishment.

l  Maintain communication with various departments, and do a good job of coordination between this department or with other departments.

l  Responsible for the daily work of the management department.


Experience: More than 2 years of work experience in the housekeeping department.

Skills: Have strong professional knowledge and training capabilities for this position.

Other requirements: have general writing skills and computer operation skills.

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| Full Time |
MMK 600,000 - 800,000
Job Function: Hospitality & Leisure
| Full Time |
MMK 600,000 - 800,000
Job Function: Hospitality & Leisure