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We are now looking for a Chief Operating Officer who will be responsible for enabling the continued growth for our organization, who will play a key role in refining our strategy and goals, and delivering the leadership and structure required for Phandeeyar to continue to succeed.

  • ဘွဲ့ အမျိုးအစား: ဘွဲ့ရ
  • အတွေ့အကြုံအဆင့်: အလုပ်အမှုဆောင်
  • အတွေ့အကြုံကြာချိန်: 9 years


Chief Operating Officer

Since 2014, Phandeeyar has been on a journey to accelerate change and positive development in Myanmar through technology. Since our launch we’ve achieved lots of things. Among those, we have:

  •     ●     organized more than a thousand tech events
  •     ●     grown the local startup ecosystem, and invested in 17 startups
  •     ●     helped more than 250,000 young voters cast an informed vote in the Myanmar general elections
  •     ●     worked with some of the world’s biggest tech companies to help them combat hate speech and misinformation in Myanmar
  •     ●     trained staff from government ministries and some of Myanmar’s largest companies on key digital skills
  •     ●     organized a nationwide robotics tournament with more than 46 universities
  •     ●     held the region’s largest digital rights conferences, and brought together government, private sector and civil society stakeholders on key digital rights               issues

In the beginning of 2020 we initiated a pivot that had us launch a major new business unit, and restructure our organization to be better prepared for future sustainability and growth. This pivot has been going exceedingly well, and Phandeeyar is a well-run non-profit enterprise with more than 65 engaged employees, and an ambitious plan for future growth. We work with a wide range of prestigious donors, clients and partners in Myanmar and beyond, and through our hybrid business model we undertake some of the most important and exciting challenges related to digital growth on a commercial as well as a grant-funded basis.

We are now looking for a Chief Operating Officer who will be responsible for enabling the continued growth for our organization, who will play a key role in refining our strategy and goals, and delivering the leadership and structure required for Phandeeyar to continue to succeed. The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to shape an organization that is driving transformation through technology in Myanmar, and to build an example for other businesses and organizations to follow.

The COO is the deputy CEO, and will be expected to have an active interest in developing our strategy and business opportunities. This includes working closely with the CEO and with our program directors and leads to engage with existing and new clients and partners. The COO also runs Phandeeyar’s Finance, HR/People and Operations teams, and is responsible for ensuring frictionless delivery of results. The COO is furthermore responsible for driving Phandeeyar’s Employee Value Proposition, and for creating a work environment where all the Pandas – Phandeeyar’s staff – are empowered to deliver exceptional results.

The successful candidate will be a generalist, but with utmost attention to detail. The successful candidate might have an entrepreneurial or general management/CEO/Executive Director background, and/or might have successfully filled senior level strategy, finance or organizational development roles in the past. To succeed as Phandeeyar’s COO you must be a fast learner with natural people management skills.

Here are some of the things you will be expected to accomplish within 2021:

  •     ●     Contribute to Phandeeyar’s current growth trajectory and put your footprint on our future strategy: You will play an important role in ensuring we meet our goals, and in setting future objectives. In 2022 Phandeeyar will be launching a new strategy, and you will be expected to contribute to the development of this strategy.
  •     ●     Design and implement a new Work From Anywhere (WFA) framework. Phandeeyar has decided to fully revamp the way our staff works post-COVID, and the COO will be responsible for this transformation.
  •     ●     Optimize delivery of projects, products and programs. Phandeeyar runs a diverse range of programs and projects, and it is necessary that all delivery teams collaborate with minimum friction. The COO is expected to ensure that this is happening, and to build the necessary structures to optimize collaboration and communications, internally and externally
  •     ●     Ensure Phandeeyar’s administrative and compliance processes are in line with Myanmar regulatory framework for non-profits. Alongside our finance team, you will ensure that the necessary finance, compliance and administrative processes are set up to support Phandeeyar’s legal structure and meet regulatory requirements for non-profits in Myanmar
  •     ●     Improve Phandeeyar’s staff development offering. Together with the HR team, improve and develop a range of staff development programs and activities to grow leadership, and to ensure Pandas at all levels are offered opportunities for growth and learning.
  •     ●     Develop the current and future generation of Phandeeyar leaders. Specific goals will be set for the COO to support our current managers to perform at their best, and to identify and develop our next generation of leadership

Here are the skills we look for in identifying the right candidate:

  •     ●     Resourcefulness: Some call this hustle. Resourcefulness, and the ability so solve complex problems using the resources at hand, is one of Phandeeyar’s core competencies, and is a stated element in our values declaration. We expect our COO to champion this approach to getting things done.
  •     ●     Attention to detail: Although the COO role at Phandeeyar is well suited to a generalist, the right candidate understands that the devil is in the detail, and lives and breathes this principle in their work. As our COO you will be exposed to lots of different challenges, and it is critical that you are able to analyze those challenges at the deepest possible level.
  •     ●     Digital native: Digital transformation is important to you, and you are passionate about the digital transformation and tech landscape in Myanmar. You have experience in implementing and using digital tools within organizations or businesses to increase productivity and performance.
  •     ●     Demonstrated strong management experience: It is essential that you have demonstrated experience in running multiple teams and managing managers. You are good at spotting management talent, and developing leadership among your existing teams. You understand and appreciate that this requires compassion, patience and lots of coaching from your side.
  •     ●     Strong finance understanding: Although you are not required to have a finance background, experience in running finances for an organization with multi-million dollar budget is a strong asset for this role. Experience running finance across several jurisdictions is also desirable.
  •     ●     Team & People Development: You are good at coaching people and developing talent among your staff. You have a knack for identifying talent within and outside the organization, and you understand what drives motivation and performance in a team, and what traits make a good manager.
  •     ●     Growth Mindset: You will have a keen eye for leveraging opportunities and tackling the challenges of operating in an evolving industry and developing market. You understand that the business and digital landscape in Myanmar is changing fast, and that Phandeeyar as an organization needs to continue to change along with our external community.
  •     ●     Fluent Burmese speaker: Most of our employees are native Burmese speakers, and we work extensively with local partner organizations. Fluent Burmese speaking ability is a strong asset in this role.

All are welcome to apply to this role. Phandeeyar is committed to developing local leadership, and we encourage Myanmar nationals residing in and outside Myanmar to apply. We particularly encourage applications from women, minorities and people with disabilities, as these are underrepresented in the technology sector.

Phandeeyar offers an attractive compensation package and lots of additional benefits.

For questions about this role you can contact Phandeeyar HR or Phandeeyar’s CEO

The Details

Location: This role is based in Yangon. It may involve some travel around the country.

Hours: Phandeeyar is itself a start-up. Many of its activities happen outside standard office hours (9am-5pm). You will need to work some evenings and weekends, however there is a “time off in lieu” policy.

Remuneration: Will be based on experience and qualifications and will be competitive for the sector.

To apply: Please submit your application to Phandeeyar Job Application Form explaining why you are perfect for this role and attach a CV/resume (not more than two pages long).

Note: Applicants do not need to currently be living in Myanmar. We welcome all applicants including those from the Myanmar diaspora.

For more information please visit:
Twitter: @Phandeeyar
Instagram: @phandeeyar



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